11 Feb

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What is the Need of Investing in Property Rather than Stock Market

Most of the people prefer investing in property because of the tax discounts. This is because the taxes that are paid on the property investment are a bit lower compared to stock marketing. The governments seeing people that have built houses for people to live as of great help in solving the problem of homelessness. Thus, why you find that their tax rate is different from other forms of investment. In addition, some countries also go ahead and compensate them for building houses besides paying no tax. This is beneficial since they will earn a lot of money as a result of paying low tax.

Another benefit of property investment is that it puts you in the best tax position. This is because what most of the banks and other money lending institutions look for is enough security to guarantee loan. This is so possible since a building is something that can last even for more than one hundred years before it becomes outdated. With this they will easily give you loan since they know that if you default they will just come and sell your house to get their money back. This is different from stock market as they can decide to run away without leaving any trace or maybe they can die without leaving a stock that can repay the loan. The advantage with property investment is that even if you die or run away the property will remain behind for the bank to sell and get their cash.

Another benefit of investing in property is that it has good and fast return. If you invest in property you will be able to get the money you used in building within a very short period of time. With property investment you will be able to get a steady income at the end of every month without being influenced by inflation. Most of the stock market investors do face a lot of challenges due to inflation in the market making the prices to keep on changing.

People also prefer investing in property since it is always appreciating in value. You don’t need to do much to boost the value of your property just a simple painting will be enough to boost its value. By doing that you will be in a position to boost the price of your house. Unlike stock marketing which is always influenced by market inflation.

In addition, low maintenance cost is also another benefit. Nothing will go in vain as the major changes will be included in monthly charges.

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