07 Feb

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Impacts of Daylight Time Saving and Clock Interference in the Society

This is one of the main reason that some of the states have introduced such bills, on the other hand this is considered as dangerous, even to the economy, at times it becomes difficult to say good bye to the summer periods but summer will not remain forever.

This process of daylight saving time deprives one the right to sleep well and also creates confusion in the mind about time which is considered very unhealthy, in some of the economies this process is regarded as a way of increasing economic growth by a slightly bigger margin where more time is created for working.

This means that your body can’t take it anymore, at times this affects a lot of drivers on roads and can lead to sever accidents on roads since the driver might be sleeping when driving, sleep is important in any way, that is why the end daylight savings time petition is important.

Sometimes law is very important in any vibrant democracy and a free world, this helps in saving the lives of people on different way, at times when the law makers designed the law didn’t know that this would affect a lot of generation to come.

Not all countries in the world are affected by seasons, this is because almost all of the African nations do not experience severe weather conditions and also do not experience certain seasons, this is because the continent squarely lies on the equator and this makes African to have favorable weather conditions.

In most parts of the world despite efforts to petition the end of daylight saving time, the world economy have turned into a 24/7 hour economy, which means that most of the businesses operate 24 hours in day for seven days, this is means that there are workers taking day and night shifts so that the business won’t stop.

There are many petitioners seeking even the states to accept the petitions by creating online platforms for mobilizing people to sign the petition, the petition might sound not relevant but you can even find out that this kind of petition affects a lot of people directly without knowing.

At times you should let nature take its course, extending the time or changing the time won’t help in anything, the reason as to why the earth rotates no one knows therefore risking your health by doing little injustice to yourself is not a healthy plan.

Day light saving time it is widely acknowledged and regarded across the world that it started from the united states, this becomes as a concern as to why most of the states till use the rule.

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